Museum Highlights

Explore objects and people of interest as well as the British Army’s relationship with Edinburgh Castle.

Objects of Interest

This section presents a selection of interesting objects from across the 3 regimental museum collections in Edinburgh Castle.  

People of Interest

This section presents a selection of interesting people associated with the 3 regiments that have museums in Edinburgh Castle.

The Army and Edinburgh Castle

The British Army has a long association with Edinburgh's iconic fortress. This section explains how this relationship has changed over the years and includes a selection of  historic photographs featuring soldiers in the Castle. 

The Regimental Museums

Edinburgh Castle is home to 3 different regimental museums. The Royal Scots Museum tells the story of the oldest infantry regiment in the British Army, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Museum tells the story of the only Scottish cavalry regiment in the regular British Army and the Museum of The Royal Regiment of Scotland tells the story of Scotland's youngest and only remaining infantry regiment. 

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