Cruachan’s Uniform

Even a Regimental Mascot needs a uniform

A Shetland Pony called Cruachan IV has been The Royal Regiment of Scotland Mascot since 2012 (replacing Cruachan III).


The Regimental Mascot parades with the Regiment on formal occasions and often represents its soldiers at public engagement events in Scotland throughout the year. Cruachan IV holds the rank of Corporal and currently lives in Redford Barracks, Edinburgh. A soldier known as the ‘Pony Major’ is Cruachan’s dedicated handler. Fully trained by the Defence Animal Centre, the Pony Major is responsible for his care, training and welfare.

The horse rug pictured on the left was worn by Cruachan IV when he held the rank of Lance Corporal (1 stripe) and features the Government 1A tartan as worn by members of The Royal Regiment of Scotland.




Regimental Horse Rug worn by Cruachan IV

Did you know?

A horse rug worn by a regimental mascot serves two main purposes. Firstly, to shield Cruachan from cold and wet weather and secondly to act as a uniform that displays his rank, regimental affiliation and any medals he is entitled to.