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Veterinary Travelling Instrument Case

A First Aid Kit for Horses

In the cavalry, the horse was more than another piece of equipment.

It was treasured, and the men that worked with these incredible animals showed genuine affection for them. After battles at Waterloo or Balaklava, soldiers would be distraught if they suffered the loss of their horse.

Being able to look after the horses was vital, and so the cavalry would have a Regimental Vet. The vet would have had more tools than this, but this small set would have been able to take care of minor problems with the horses while on the move. The instruments used would not have changed much over the centuries.

This set, however, was not used by someone from the British Army. In fact, a Royal Scots Greys tank commander found it in 1945 as they moved through Europe to defeat Nazi Germany. Only a few years earlier the Regiment had reluctantly traded their horses for tanks. Perhaps the kit reminded him of their treasured animals.